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08:08:40 - 22.08.2019
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Чайник BOSCH TWK7601

Гарантия: e353e2c7-925b-11e5-b5c4-08606e81a0b1
Чайник BOSCH TWK7601
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18.01.2017 00:19:44
crdcaaincechizaMarch 29, 2012Every time I tried to quit and had lost/thrown away my blades, I had gotten a bigger urge to cut. Just because it was building up inside to the point of running to Walmart and shopping in the razor section. After a few times doing that, I? decided to have one hiding place for them just in case and when I got an urge I would just hold it above my skin without even cutting
and that seemed to calm me down. I’ve been safe for almost a year now slipping up only once =) I still keep one around though
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08:08:40 - 22.08.2019
08:08:40 - 22.08.2019
08:08:40 - 22.08.2019
08:08:40 - 22.08.2019
08:08:40 - 22.08.2019